Tucson Festival of Books

I had a lovely time this past weekend, tabling with my chapbook for a couple of hours. It gave me a chance to meet readers and discuss craft in a completely new way. Turns out that people love plot-driven narrative. Which isn’t exactly what I do, but still.

Unexpectedly, and successfully, I even sold a few books!

Now that the words are in the world, it’s a little strange. What will people do with them? What effect will they have? Will I ever know?


Inland Poetry

I’m honored to be on this roster of poets for the 2019 Ellensburg Poetry Prowl.


There’s something wonderful about the way that poets in our state connect to and support one another. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet some of these writers already at various events throughout Washington.

To study up, check out WA 129.


Chapbook Release

in these failing times drawing board

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new chapbook, In these failing times I can forget, available right now from Papeachu Press.

This book is about events I observe and experience in my rapidly growing city. The poems seek to imagine people complexly, and examine the way that we treat one another. It is my hope that they are poems of memory, longing, and witness.

You can pick up a copy here!

Springtime in the City

A little rhyming ditty I wrote after Regina Spektor’s Summer in the City


Springtime in the City

finds dime bags on the sidewalk
I’m walking out on Lakeview
wanna eat the weeds in the crosswalk

The road signs speak in pictures
and I see the whole damn story
Here is the figure of you
standing alone in my history

Springtime in the city
hospital trash in the doorway
there’s art on every brick wall
abandoned socks out on the highway

When I feel the traffic breathing
as blood cells on the way through
I start to finally realize
what the city looks like without you

Trusses tower on the hillside
over pleasure yachts and racers
Mint wrappers dance like bumblebees
around the legs of intimate strangers

And I chew dandelions
as you drain out of my body
I pull your veins from mine I
trade the shape of you for beauty

Springtime in the city
my rich and garbage city
The street weeds taste like mica
and Lakeview overpass is glittering